25 December 2015

Perfect Red

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate! #christmas2K15

6 December 2015


Life is like bubblegum,
you chewing it to make the sweet taste and even in the end of bitter taste you still love to chew it.
sometimes our expectation < reality = you will get hurt, but the only thing you can do is you must wake up and work more harder than you done before.

31 October 2015

22 October 2015

Downtown Denim

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
'Cause now I'm shining bright, so bright
Bright, so bright - Echosmith

1 October 2015

Fallin' Fur You

Yes im fallin' in love~~~~
Dear my future man,
I know Im not your dream girl but I will share at all my dreams with you.
I know Im not the most beautiful girl in the universe.
I know Im not flawless and perfect.
I might yell at you at times.
I might get jealous.
I have erratic mood swings.
I promise you that if I give you my heart it will stay with you.
I'll never cheat you, I'll be always hlding your hand through good and bad times in our life.
I love you with all my heart and soul.
Promise me that you will never ever leave me alone.
I may not be the first woman in your life but I want to be the last woman in your life.

14 August 2015

Just Right

You don’t need to change a thing, you’re just pretty
You look perfect just the way you are
Just need to be happy, without a worry
Don’t try to look for what isn’t good enough
Turn your attention from the mirror to my eyes
Get off the scale and onto my back

22 July 2015

Lean On

What will we do when we get old?
Will we walk down the same road?
Will you be there by my side?
Standing strong as the waves roll over
 Blow a kiss, fire a gun
All I need is somebody to lean on

14 July 2015

City Stroller

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans
Holdin' me closer
'Til our eyes meet
You won't ever be alone
 Wait for me to come home

2 July 2015

Dolce Gelato

I love dessert. All kinds. But there's something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone.

25 June 2015

High Society

They say the grass is always greener on the other side — such apt words for a show about characters who wish to live lives that weren’t their own. It may feel like each day is a battle, but life is a struggle for everyone, no matter what end of the spectrum one falls on.

17 June 2015

Prints Charming

Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to people. For those few months you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are. The fresh cut grass smell in the air & the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool, gives you courage you didn’t think you had. Summer just opens the door and lets you free.

10 June 2015

It's Gonna Be Me

You've got no choice babe
But to move on, and you know
There ain't no time to waste
You're just too blind to see

When you finally get to love somebody
Guess what?
It's gonna be me.....yeah

2 June 2015

Urban Fave

Hi June, and all of you who read my blog! I've been busy and stressed lately, I took one fine day to Solo Baru ( Sukoharjo ) with my babysis. A little bit worried but I am really happy and fun! Thankyou God *namaste*
Notice a sunny side up egg, Senpai?

19 May 2015

Uniquely Summer by COLORBOX #QuiReviews

My schedule was tight, I even cannot taking photoshoot for myself. So when I got work for COLORBOX on #SemarangFashionFestival2015 #sff2015 why not I take it as day off yeah
I'm very excited, are't you too?

17 May 2015

Bae Bae

Baby baby
Can you stay beautiful just like you are right now?
So my heart can race even after time passes
Baby baby
Don’t wither, this is all for the selfish me
You have to stay just as you are right now

22 April 2015

Call Me Baby

There are many who shine but look at what’s real among them
Call me baby, Call me baby, Call me baby, Call me baby

5 April 2015

Ready, Set, Shop!

Haiii teman, apakah kalian tau Carousell? Itu aplikasi jual beli online, semua orang bisa jual barang di Carousell, jadi ga cuman buat blogger lho!
Nah, Cha mau coba jual baju baru yang jarang dipakai dan beberapa baju atau aksesories ( snapback, clutch) yang preloved, mungkin nti mau nambah lagi seperti novel favoriteku.
Bagi yang uda punya akun Carousell, bisa follow atau intip carousell.com/aquilaenrica

1 April 2015

Local Need Sex

 It’s so tasty come and chase me,
I can’t hold it in I scream, You scream
Gimme that, Gimme that Ice Cream

Their flashing lights cropped jacket make me jelly - Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake MV
Dolls Skill $125.00

25 March 2015

One Last Time

A rush post before go to office,
Last week I've been sick of bad indigestion because I eating too much spicy food. And this is super busy week, my night master degree class begin again. I just know, I must become more strong to handle all of this. And I do more cheerful. Every day Every hour turn the pain into power!

17 March 2015

でたらぬプレBERAK 三ァム

Lately, I did fell in love with this popular local brand among Bandung! Helloooo Bandung, anyone knows?
#notsponsorship #bolehkalomausponsor *ngarep*

4 March 2015

25 February 2015

Furlove Pastel

Yes, please
Won't you come and put it down on me?
I'm right here, 'cause I need
Little love and little sympathy
Yeah, you show me good loving
Make it alright
Need a little sweetness in my life
Yes, please
Won't you come and put it down on me?

25 January 2015

The ( Fancy ) Little Mermaid

One of my favorite childhood's story: The Little Mermaid 
is a well-known fairy tale by the author Hans Christian Andersen about a young mermaid willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul and the love of a human prince.

19 January 2015

Multiple Personality Disorder Kdramas

Okayy now some upcoming korean drama seems popular about Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka multiple personality disorder). After It's Okay that's Love, Hyun Bin and Ji Sung will facing off together depicting characters with Multiple Personality Disorder. Let's see....

18 January 2015

Nature Leaves Mask #QuiReviews

Today I'm reviewing Nature Leaves Mask from NatureleavesID
Instagram: @natureleaves_id
Line: Jenika16
Contact: 087887681616

16 January 2015

Surabaya Night Carnival! [ #exploresurabaya ]

So, last Christmas I was take short holiday at Surabaya!

There are new places theme park that I want visit so badly, and I had going thereeeee brooosis! Taaaaraaa~

11 January 2015

Infinities Dream!

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

5 January 2015

Holla, Marsala!

Welcome 2015!

Unfortunately, We end the year of 2014 with sadness about Air Asia QZ8501 tragedy #prayforAirAsia May deep condolences to their family and relatives! :)
Thankyou 2014 for make me learn many things about life!