22 November 2013

Loved Me Back To Life

You loved me back to life, life
From the coma.
The wait is over.
You loved me back to life, life
From the coma.
We're lovers again tonight.
Back to life, back to life, back to life, back to life, yeah, yeah.
"Celine Dion"

Hi guys, how are ya?
I miss someone but i dont know who (?) lol
I got this inspiration from recently kpop mv MISS-A HUSH
going white and black and added little color on bag and unicorn lol ><
So, what you want called this #OOTD? 

Intagram : aquilaenrica

Tonight i want go to the cinema with my baby sis will watch Hunger Games catching fire
I adore duo Hemsworth, but i prefer like Chris as Thor (no no no, I LOVE SO MUCH) than Liam on Hunger Games. I curious about
Katniss Everdeen's wedding gown on hunger games by Tex Saverio, a Jakarta based designer.

Tex Saverio
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Happy Friday,
God bless you

11 November 2013


How are you everyone?
Hope everything goes fine ^^

My hair growing so fast than last lol (ps. hair extent)

Ombre Crochet Sleeveless Update Woman
Ombre Paris Short Adam&Eve
Shoes Bellagio
Accessories Grosir Fashion Online

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Have a nice week!

2 November 2013

Live it UP!

Bart Simpson Sweatshirt
Brown Skort
Tosca Satchel Bag gift from my bestfriend
Angel Hairband