24 December 2013

Just like the Christmas day

Just like the Christmas day that I’ve always waited for
Just like the Christmas day oh! When I think about you
I get excited like a kid just like those days, just like that time
You’re just like Christmas day - EXO

Can't wait for christmas? Me too !

I'm not kids anymore so don't need gift from Santa kkk~

When Christmas Eve, First I always go to the church with my family and have spent till midnight together

Time to Dress up your RED stuff! ;)

 Pixie.Butik  Elmoticon Tee // Beige Jogger Pants // Black Cotton Vest // Payless Red Sneakers // Flowers Crown

Put Your Red Lipstick ON


Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

See you next post!



20 December 2013

Graduation Day

Hi guys,

Ughhh here raining nowadays. So i can't take photoshoot outdoor. I share one of my joyful moment this month.

Last Night I am officialy graduated at Catholic University Soegijapranata. Graduation Day 1 are Economic and Business Faculty Graduation. On 21st Dec, Graduation Day 2 are University Graduation.

Full Name now Aquila Enrica Setyani, SE. And I graduate with very satisfied score, not include as cumlaude people rank but proud myself, hoho.

Mom Dad, did both of you really proud of me didn't? Ofcourse Yes! ( I know) 

Thankyou for the wishes and congratulation for me! xoxo

Excited for University Graduation update soon on blog


14 December 2013

Sweet Homies

Hellooooo guys!

Sorry for late announce that I win another giveaway from Tzuteshop
Thankyou for make me winning this guys!

So after the package have been arrived, the owner chat me for review that sweater. Scroll Down!


Tzuteshop Homies Sweater // MissK Pearl Pinky Dress // Bellagio Wedges // Celine Nano Bag

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Miley Cyrus *lol

9 December 2013

Monday Charm

Hello Monday !

How are you?

Got idea from LOOKS magazine then goes photoshoot with my baby sis at school across my house. The school building architechtur seen strong old.

Close - Up Details
Mickey Tee's Baby Sis // Beanie Hat // Black Cotton Jeans // Nevada Bow Red Shoes // Yihaa Project Bracelet left hand // Hermes Clutch

I am so grateful, December is full of joy for me. I am waiting for my graduation day next week, and can't wait for Christmast ofcourse, and New Year Eve Holidays.

What about your planning or wishlist this December?
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Have a nice week !

aquilaenrica :]

2 December 2013

De Vintage

Hello December,

Hi ladies and gentleman all the world !

On last saturday, Nov 30 I was hanging out with my bestfriend Linda, my baby sis and dad on sushi resto called De Sushi
The place are cozy and comfortable, the food and service not bad, ya i know because relative cheap than others sushi resto

De Sushi Rendevouz

We orders Crunchy Spicy Tuna, Gyoza, Beef Floss Roll, Hawaian Roll and drink japanese tea (ocha)

Hawaian Roll

Decided to take more picture......

Love Paris Croptee // White Skirt // Neon Belt // Celine Nano Bag // Elizabeth Orange Platform

 She's my best best best bestfriend, want to know her? click >> Linda

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Have a nice week guys !
God bless U