24 December 2013

Just like the Christmas day

Just like the Christmas day that I’ve always waited for
Just like the Christmas day oh! When I think about you
I get excited like a kid just like those days, just like that time
You’re just like Christmas day - EXO

Can't wait for christmas? Me too !

I'm not kids anymore so don't need gift from Santa kkk~

When Christmas Eve, First I always go to the church with my family and have spent till midnight together

Time to Dress up your RED stuff! ;)

 Pixie.Butik  Elmoticon Tee // Beige Jogger Pants // Black Cotton Vest // Payless Red Sneakers // Flowers Crown

Put Your Red Lipstick ON


Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!

See you next post!



1 comment:

  1. Love that tshirt! my fave is cookie monster! I hope you had a very merry xmas, have a blessed new year!


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