16 December 2014

Under 90's

I am absolutely embracing my era – the 90′s. I think it’s one of the most exciting fashion era for me since most of the people these days enjoy sporting their dungarees, crop tops, high-waist jeans, etc. And since everyone’s been doing those trends, here I am trying to sport one trend that seemed to be a little forgotten lately. I’m not really sure what they call this trend but I think it’s pretty much cute and comfy especially if you’re the shy-type of girl. Wearing a tee/crop top under your favorite sundress can definitely make your look more unique and interesting. Why interesting? well trust me you’d rarely see a person sporting this trend around. lol! Before I forget, If you want to make this look / trend more modern, use a modern statement piece like an eyewear, shoes or bag. In my case, I used my sporty shoes and sunglasses to add a touch of “2014″ in this look.