23 June 2014

Stripe Galore

Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose
It’s harder to control as time goes by
I’m falling deeper into him
Oh too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose
Too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose


17 June 2014

Fault in Our Stars

When this book become popular on Instagram, i don't even know ( me nerdy on teenlit in Indonesian languange or translated novel ). Then I go to bookstore and found The Fault in Our Stars and this book really limited edition! Because of curiosity, i decided to buy a okay new york times bestseller novel. Seriously, I needed one week to finish this book! And at the end I can't hold my tears anymore, really sad :" Unfortunately, The world is not wish-granting factory but I am grateful!

2 June 2014

2 Unique & Fun Theme Park in Batu, Malang + Outfit

Last week my cousins ask me to join his trip to Batu, Malang, Indonesia. He told me that Malang have new theme park and you will be excited to take many pictures there.