23 June 2014

Stripe Galore

Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose
It’s harder to control as time goes by
I’m falling deeper into him
Oh too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose
Too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose


Gowigasa Mono Aqua Shades //  Stripes Legging & Top // Mom's Tosca Blazer // H&M oversize bag

Stripes never go out of fashion! This summer make sure you sizzle in warm brights, statement jewellery and sophisticated stripes, whether in white, gold, pink or green. I choose stripes black and white that bring monochrome to life with bright accesories such an oversize bag, stripes sunglasses, matchy with tosca blazer and statement necklace.
Remember to put the less dominant pattern on the part of your body that you wish to play down. At this point, it’s worth reminding you, sure you already know that verticals make you seem taller, while horizontals accentuate curves.

Aquila Enrica

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