17 June 2014

Fault in Our Stars

When this book become popular on Instagram, i don't even know ( me nerdy on teenlit in Indonesian languange or translated novel ). Then I go to bookstore and found The Fault in Our Stars and this book really limited edition! Because of curiosity, i decided to buy a okay new york times bestseller novel. Seriously, I needed one week to finish this book! And at the end I can't hold my tears anymore, really sad :" Unfortunately, The world is not wish-granting factory but I am grateful!

Now waiting this film comes in Indonesia about 2weeks.....I'm sooooooooooooooo excited meet Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace!!!

When i ask sister and friends, what do you think about first impression of me? Some of my friends tell me that I am kind of girly. But let me say that I am not really feminine enough, me like pants than skirts, rarely wears dress and heels oso. For this look yeah I wear blue mini dress and combine with Donald plaid shirt red and creepy metalica necklace from Labelcut. Boots still suitable for summer see?! +black stocking for sexy creepy look ha ha ha!

Beanie - Choies
Donald Plaid shirt Red - GOWIGASA
Necklace - Labelcut
Blue Mini Dress &

And #TFIOS film was released first in Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico, United States and United Kingdom

Dear International readers anyone have been watched this film? Describe one word for me about this film below!
Aquila Enrica

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