1 July 2014

Give Love

"The important thing is the heart
I’m not liking you just for your face
Even your sharp words that hate on me
I came to love them, this is my (heart)
No matter how badly you treat me, you’re like a comic book
Like a romantic comic book, every night I pray like this" AKMU

Proving that a classic pair of blue wash denim dungarees can be so darn cute.An oversize white tee and a pair of black kill heels makes me look cool casualtic - Added a chanel perfume bottle case, love necklace, cap and a hot red lip is my favourite!
Braids my hair into side ponytail for instans summer style and it's a great off-duty look.
GOWIGASA Blue Denim Pinafore
C&K Black Heels
CHANEL Perfume Bottle Case
Love Necklace
Dope cap
White pearls necklace as bracelet

Aquila Enrica

1 comment:

  1. cute and sporty outfit! loving the perfume phone case! :)

    Metallic Paws


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