18 January 2015

Nature Leaves Mask #QuiReviews

Today I'm reviewing Nature Leaves Mask from NatureleavesID
Instagram: @natureleaves_id
Line: Jenika16
Contact: 087887681616

About @NatureleavesID

Nature Leaves is the "GO NATURE" concept brand which had vision to produce home-made product with nature material (chemical-free) and best quality control. Nature Leaves Mask have two types : Mask for Oily Skin type (untuk kulit berminyak) and Mask for All Skin type (untuk semua jenis kulit). You can buy them online on Instagram
And now, without further ado, Let's go to #QuiReviews~~~~ 

About Nature Leaves Mask 

- Mengangkat sel kulit mati
- Membantu mengurangi minyak berlebih
- Membantu mengecilkan pori-pori 
- Mencerahkan kulit kusam
- Melembabkan kulit
v ALL SKIN TYPE (Green Tea+Honey)
- Mengencangkan kulit
- Menghaluskan kulit
- Antioksidan , Mencegah penuaan
- Mencegah flek dan bekas jerawat
- Mencerahkan kulit
- Melembabkan Kulit

How to apply NL Mask
For treatment use 3-4/week.
For prevention only use twice per week.
I used twice and voooilaaa....

Do they moisturize your skin? 
Yes, they make my skin smooth and give me the nutrients as well said. I love their green tea scent too!
Do they brighten your skin? 
A bit, I guess. Not very significant to me.
Do they take out acnes?
At least my acnes DO get smaller. Maybe if you using routines it will reduce some acnes!


Organic, chemical-free, real essence, healthy for skin, cheap and easy to make yourself at home.
Okay then, thanks a lot for reading and see you guys on my next post! ♡
Aquila Enrica

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