16 January 2015

Surabaya Night Carnival! [ #exploresurabaya ]

So, last Christmas I was take short holiday at Surabaya!

There are new places theme park that I want visit so badly, and I had going thereeeee brooosis! Taaaaraaa~

Since I'm not younger anymore child, I just buy entrance ticket only IDR 25.000 and cusss into the place called Art and Wax House IDR 25.000.
This is my first time tried trick art museum, omg very fun....!!!!
Can't go abroad? Don't worry, Surabaya have wax house and 3D art museum now!

Surabaya Night Carnaval
Jl. A Yani 333 Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.
Telephone:(031) 8483131
Open Everyday 4PM - 12AM

Aquila Enrica


  1. looks like so much fun! i went to surabaya last year on a three days trip, and spent one whole day in Batu, Malang. that place is the bomb. nothing like it in Jakarta! you should pay a visit if you haven't already (and if you like animals)

  2. whoaa cute and very fun time !!!
    thanks for sharing babe.. wanna go there someday =)
    btw just find you and your blog here.. following you now ^^



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