27 September 2015

Go Nautical!

People say that life is not based on luck.
"you write your own story." they say.
"you have the power to choose your destiny."

Maybe they forgot that other people write their own stories too, and it might completely collide with ours.
The stories we write are wishes, and if you're lucky, the universe lets it happen the way you want it. But wheels roll, and when the others get their turns, you're the one in the bottom—unlucky then unfortunate.

real women shop all the time, agree?
you're the apple of my eyes

center of  attention

I found fake instagram account of me, I made blog because of include all my favorite hobbies. Please do not using my picture for faking people, or hurt anyone. I want to make new friends not enemies, and please respect my (its not easy) worth time for taking picture and making post for you . thankyou :)
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Aquila Enrica


  1. hi :) loveee this look, the colors combination are so perfect and ur sweater so cuteee :)


  2. Sukaa sweaternyaaa and your ice cream bag uhh so chiccc!



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