4 March 2016

Crafting Nature

hii readers, long time no blogging!

Sorry for not update several months on blog, my schedules got tighter and also busy fight for myself as always! On this post, I share about my one day escape on Yogyakarta! This time I choose nature views than mall(s) and cafe(s) :


Sand dunes of various shapes and sizes. Like a pile of sand that is deliberately created by nature, some beautiful like a crescent moon, the transverse direction of the coastline there is even a star-shaped. Sandbanks shape was influenced by the wind direction, as well as barrier-forming material form of vegetation.


If you want to enjoy the nostalgic feel of the old days of Kuta Beach, Sepanjang beach is the right place. Sepanjang beach have a long coastline, white sand still awake, and the medium waves. You just choose, sunbathing on the sand, enjoying the sun, splitting the waves with surfboard, or just see the beauty of the beach. Love these amazing beautiful nature!♡♡
Hope you guys always healthy and happy!
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