27 January 2016

Moonstone Grey

Oops, it's raining again! Caps are a must-have during these kinds of days.  It's rare to catch a time of bright daylight. And meh also lazy to dressed up......so yeah....

Well, its my first post blog on 2016! Moonstone is a shade of grey that creates of a sense of calm and relief from a chaotic world. It’s a mature and practical color that tones down the stronger, brighter hues, while illuminating those that are softer. Wearing this grey breeding bear tee and added sky blue cap from Berak.

Life can be very hard at times, but never for once say life sucks. God made us exist in this world for a reason, and for a mission. All we have to do is being stronger, walking our path and standing by our own selves feets, cause I know expect something from or lean into other people sometimes make us feel upset and disappointed. Just try to be responsible for our own selves. Stay strong!

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Aquila Enrica

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