30 October 2014

Pretzel Illusion

Feeling as though you never belong
This feeling is not sadness, this feeling is not joy
This world is just illusion, that always trying to change you

What’s hot now? Definitely a bucket hat!
A bucket hat is a soft cotton hat with a wide and downwards sloping brim which is worn by both men and women, so one of the most wanted fashion item. Bucket hat also vary, from material to a unique motif. You'll feel the cool 70's vibes with this bucket hat!
Summerkateshop Ladybug Cardigan /  Mermaid Skirt
Loonystore Pretzel bucket hat / IwearUP Carline floral
Aquila Enrica


  1. I'm loving your very cute hat dear :)

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

  2. what a cute cardi! ><



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