3 November 2014

Want to See ( 보고싶어 )

Don’t be good to me, my heart aches
Stop coming into my eyes, you keep spinning around me
I’m weaker than I seem
So I can’t draw anyone but you
I erase it then I draw you again
You’re so sweet again
So you drive me crazy
You’re so sweet again
So you drive me crazy
You’re hurting me
So you drive me even crazier
Don’t be good to me
Don’t show yourself to me - Girls Day

Hello November!
Black black black....
Kinda love all black outfit today!
Givenchy Rottweiler dog tanktop dress
Moschino Bad Girl clutch by twosidesofme
Adorable project boots / Labelcut necklace

My new favorite kdramas:
Liar Game
Adapted from Japanese manga/drama, anyone loves a liar? Iam not! In order to win the prize of one million dollars, (Nam Da-Jung) she'd have to deceive another contestant. But she believe put on money with Teacher Hyun (her ex high school teacher) "secret safe" in bank and stupidly he stole it. And she need that oppa (Ha Woo-Jin) because his ability human lie detector (daebakkk!). Then, Never Trust Anyone! watch here

Cantabile Tomorrow
Is it too early to say that I’m in love with a show? The plot beats were almost beat-for-beat replications of the original, and yet I still felt stirred and swept up, and felt that perhaps this version even added to the emotional depth. I’ve always loved the characters, but this drama gave my heart an extra twist, and I’m excited for what that means. Instrumental music are the best!
watch here
Aquila Enrica

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  1. aaaaaaaaa tiba-tiba dibuka dengan sailormoon itu..... :")
    naksir clutchnya kece ih.


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