22 October 2014

Answer Me 1997

Actually, I worried about this a lot
Because I had nothing I could do for you
Even though I lack so much and I don’t have much
Will you still accept me?

For you, only for you
I might not be able to give you the whole world but
Now I will promise only to you
I will be a person who is only for you

"A person’s heart has countless levels. Its depth cannot be known. Its limit can’t be known. You could fight to the death, and then exchange affection as if nothing ever happened. A red-blooded male could turn into an imbecile in front of the opposite sex. Yes, the truth is uncomfortable. But if we don’t embrace that discomfort, then we must live the rest of our lives believing what’s fake to be real. Even uncomfortable truths must be embraced. What you see is not everything."

This drama Answer Me 1997 / Reply Me 1997 is really made me touched and suprised in the end!  Especially I love how cute Eunji (Shi-Won) and Seo In Guk (Yoon-Je) in this drama. Singers turn to be Actors why not?
Talk about their fashion drama, mostly they wears high school uniform in 1997 scene and vintage casual like collar top and trousers in 2000 scene.
And when I started watching Eunji acting, seriously her outfits are "so me" a bit tomboy but still feminim side look for her long hair. This is how I battle Eunji
Who looks better?
Moschino Bad Girl Clucth by twosidesofme / Unbranded Stars melt Dress
Dior Pearl Necklace
I roll roll my under jeans \m/

Never bored of Reply Me 1997, rewatching their funny scenes here:
watch online? here

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