18 November 2016

De Ruffle

 The ruffle is on the rise!

Ruffle which are identical with feminim look and appeared in the 15th century back to complete fashion trend this year. They're back with more modern and fashionable!
Ruffle transform into many fashionable outfit style, from formal into daily outfit. Honestly I want to take this outfits to the street, but rain destroyed my plan. For this look, I combine patterned sweater with ruffle details in both sleeve, flare pants and casual platform sandals.You can add your favorite bag to added more coolness.
For formal look, change your bag into clutch and black heels, voila you will look totally sophisticate!
Chic item you've got to try!
Just be each other's company #EAlovelife
Hope you guys always healthy and happy!
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Aquila Enrica

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