13 June 2016

Meet The Unicorn

I am waiting so long for this day, the day I can meet you as my favorite blogger since I started blogging.
Finally the day comes and its honestly made me happy.......

Diana Rikasari, she's my favorite blogger also my woman inspiration. She is coming into my hometown, Semarang to give spoke "How to  be successful Enterpreneur".
First when I saw her, I really nervous to asked her, but she is so humble asking me back, and taking selca with me. Even she's signed my 88lovelife's books. And what's make me happy is she know my name well, and she say ever saw my instagram profile. I learn so many things from her, and I want to be a multi-talented woman like her. Keep inspiring kak Diana, thankyou so much! See you next event!

Hope you guys always healthy and happy!
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Aquila Enrica

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