27 January 2014

Sport Supplement

Annyeeong ~

Do you like sport?

What you like the most?

Run, basket, soccer, swim, tennis, baseball, cheers, also gym maybe? tell me below

I love basket since high school, but now i do sport at home like skipping rope and barbel ( sport rarely because busy work everyday ). Don't worry if you busy, you can do sport everywhere, like stretching, up and down stairs, clean up a room ~ haha ;p

Take note from Resort 2014 : Sportwear will be everywhere around us! So, don't worry you look like going to gym for hangout. 

Inspiration from some fashion item, I try my best for look cute and chic for gym, mall after gym maybe?

Let's get some fabulous sweat !

Pixie Butik Angry Birds Tee //  Payless Flat Shoes // U.S. Army Backpack ( from Kuala Lumpur RM26)


Love that red hairband

sorry for the bad quality photo ><

Detail backpack

TS : B1A4 - Lonely

The song you always played for me

Now it’s the song that I play for you

I listen to it by myself and lalala

I feel good by myself lalala

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thankyou for reading!



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