22 January 2014

Buzzcut Season

Hello Universe!

How are hyooouu...?? Hope everything goes well!

Let's talk about......


Trend Fashion in 2014 : Midi and Maxi skirt back to trend and also basic item like white or black shirt, you can mix and match pastel color, sparkling sequin, and floral pattern (still hottest trend in 2014)

Accesories it with double-bracelet / statement necklace / watch / cuff

For shoes will be trend on 2014, you can wears : ankle boots, cutout boots and high sneakers

My first OOTD in 2014

Honestly, i love more simply outfit and when i wears that someone will say like this "wow its cuuuute and i'm jealous" hahaha lol  maybe I am included one of lazy fashion blogger.

Southern dress // Black sleeveless (inner) //  Gaudi white short // VKI Ankle boots RM72

This outfits are simple, chic, and brighten up my day 

On my city, every morning or evening till night always rain....and make me little bit sick

Please don't catch a cold and take care yourself everyone!


Q : where I got the VKI shoes brand?

A : At TANGS, Lot F/L 2A.19&20, Level T2A, First World Plaza, 69000 Genting Highlands. 

      Telp  : +603-61012881

See you till next post!

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