22 February 2017

Our Pre Wedding Session #ErwinAquilaWedding

Planning for a wedding is not an easy task, there are a lot of things to be prepared and it is important to be able to take our time.

For the look, generally we decided to choose one simple white ballgown, one blue evening dress, and one casual look. Our pre wedding session was located at Du Cafe, Banyumanik and lake of BSB city.
Throughout our pre-wedding session, I have learned that it’s good that we planned everything beforehand. But when the uncontrollable factors are not in our favour, the best thing that we can do is to enjoy the moment – and take it as we go.
Dear all brides-to-be, I understand how it goes. Our pre-wedding session and wedding day are our once-in-a-lifetime moments – so we want it to be perfect. But take it from me, the perfectionist Bride, just take it as you go. Plan, but don’t be obsessed. We want everything to be perfect, but if we as the bride couldn’t enjoy the moments – perfect means nothing.

Anyway, I hope you’d enjoy a little sharing from me today and our pre-wedding pictures. I’ll talk to you soon.

Photo by Handoyo Photo
Make-up by Zoe Bridal
Wedding Dress by Zoe Bridal
Blue Dress by Trendy Bridal

Hope you guys always healthy and happy!
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