6 October 2014

All About that Bass

I see the magazine workin' that Photoshop
We know that shit ain't real
C'mon now, make it stop
If you got beauty building, just raise 'em up
'Cause every inch of you is perfect
From the bottom to the top

Yeah, my mama she told me don't worry about your size
She says, "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night."
You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll
So if that's what you're into then go ahead and move along - Meghan Trainor

 All from local brand and thrifted shop / Bag are present from my bff Maylinda

Love this batik blazer from mommy

Thissss or Thattt? *kellogg's

Twosidesofme Sunny Egg brooch

Aquila Enrica


  1. pretty blazer! <3


  2. Love the blazer! Nice song as well



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