7 May 2014

Who says

"Who says, who says you're not perfect?
Who says you're not worth it?
Who says you're the only one that's hurtin'?
Trust me, that's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty?
Who says you're not beautiful? (I'm just beautiful me)
Who says?"
Honestly since I started blogging, I’ve become more and more online savvy. Most of the things I want, I get them online – bags, clothes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoe, shoessssssss.LOL!
I bought pairs of shoes agaaain (please mom dun kill me) but i won't regret it. Live without regrets

Got this super cuuuteness joyrich mickey hand dress and paired it with white wedges shoes and wide hat. The shoes so comfy and match well on my feets. This look may be outfit ideas for attending Coachella (the most fashionable music festival) maybe outdoor music festival babes!

Joyrich Mickey Hand Dress

Unbranded Wide Hat /  Pegasus Tattos Stocking
Gosh White Wedges Shoes
Back Detail

Shoes Detail

Happy Easter

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