23 September 2013

90s'kid is BACK !

Hi beautiful !
how are chuuu? ><

90s phenomenon that is currently hitting the fashion world again, the shirt-tied-around-your-waist trend! From plaids, florals, to abstract prints, you can rock every shirt you have and let people feel the 90s vibe!
And the 90's kid is BACK here we go......

Here's my 90s coordinate :
Skull Croptee Tie Up
Denim Ombre Jacket
@GaudiClothing White Jeans Short
Converse sneakers tosca

"And you're gonna hear me ROAR"

P.S : sorry i'm not gym ppl and not skinny as yours babe~
P.P.S : but i always try my best right? hehe ;)

Hope you enjoy your weekday ~
No matter how far we go,
I want the whole world to know
I want you bad, and I won't have it any other way
No matter what the people say,
I know that we'll never break
Cause our love was made, made in the USA
Made in the USA, yeah
- Demi Lovato
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